Villa Borgognoni Hostel (Carotti at time) going back to the end of 19th century, is placed on the west side hill of the city of Jesi (the “Hill of Lonely). Sit within an enough large complex site of conifers, is constituted by a ponderous squared-base building, overlooked by a tower which give élan to the building. BY this last site is possible to have a 360° overview of the birth city of the emperor Federico the 2nd and the most part of the “Vallesina”.


Villa Borgognoni Hostel
Address: Via Crivelli ( corner of Via Gramsci )
Phone : +39 (0)731/214264
Fax: +39 (0) 0731226621
Mobile 334 6559883 (Ostello)
Mobile 347 1763246 (Silvia)

Open Time: 8,00 a.m.-12,00 p.m.